“Tap”piness Brings Happiness- 7 Week Beginner Adult Tap Program!

BSOBAD is excited to offer a 7-week Beginner Adult Tap Program, Mondays from 10:00am-10:50am starting February 12th! These fun classes will get you up and tapping with Miss Diane Will-Raskob! Cost is $100+GST. Register by calling our office at 306-477-2323 or email…. Or just drop in!

2018 Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Hi Parents of our Competitive Dance Students,
Our studio is very happy to provide some extra rehearsing time to be ready for the upcoming competitions.  This is at no charge to you.  It is a way of our teams getting final choreography done, stepping back to see the routine, working out details and our students feeling confident when they get on stage and there are no mirrors to help them along.
Our rehearsals will be at John G. Egnatoff School on a variety of Sundays.

Dancers that are only in Spring Stars Saskatoon will be able to rehearse the night before the festival and a schedule for the Monday night before the festival will be out before the festival.

Parents are welcome to sit in the foyer of John G. Egnatoff and will be welcomed in to watch the last run through of the routine.  No parents, friends or siblings will be allowed to watch the rehearsals as we wish to get as much focus in the time we have with your dancer to get as much done as possible.

We are hoping to have costumes for most of our dance teams to rehearse in. Teachers will let the dancers know if they need them or not.

Thanks so much for making these rehearsals work out to the best of your ability!

ADAPT Jazz Exams Schedule

Monday November 27th   Tuesday November 28th   Wednesday November 29th   Thursday November 30th
9:30-10:10 Junior 3 9:30-10:15 Pre-Inter 2 9:30-10:15 Pre-Inter 3 9:30-10:30 Intermediate 2
1 Alexandra Maley 1 Paulina Salisbury 1 Payton Mackintosh 1 Jazzlyn Windjack
2 Dani Lechner 2 Autumn Altman 2 Olivia Johnston 2 Ava Stuglin
3 Keeley Sander 3 Janna Carey 3 Kali McNair 3 Kira Gerein
4 Kiera Patterson 4 Ella Shenher 4 Katie Pellerin 4 Ruby Driedger
5 Camden Wagner 5 Isabel Maza 5 Amina Alvi
10:30-11:30 Intermediate 2
10:10-10:50 Junior 3 10:15-11:00 Pre-Inter 2 10:15-11:00 Pre-Inter 3 1 Megan Kirzinger
1 Kate Shenher 1 Natasha Hill 1 Alexa Rathgaber 2 Sydney Bowles
2 Cadence Leith 2 Tauren Taylor 2 Isabella Beauregard 3 Rachel Forest
3 Paige Carey 3 Demyana Povhe 3 Abbey Stuglin 4 Elizabeth Gorsalitz
4 Katelyn Cayabyab 4 Reese Wozniak 4 Presly Goodwin
5 Samantha Leith 5 Alexis Wagner 5 Tiffany Haggard 11:30-12:30 Intermediate 3
6 Keesha Levesque 1 Roselin Miller
10:50-11:30 Junior 3 11:00-11:45 Pre-Inter 2 2 Emma Stephenson
1 Elena Hill 1 Lexi Hradecki 11:00-12:00 Intermediate 1
2 Isabela Jickling 2 Makenna Jackson 1 Olivia Doran
3 Paige Bley 3 Sophia Pawlovich 2 Kallie Hnatiuk
4 Amelia Sepke 4 Dylann Rambally
5 Davin Kuemper 5 Prentice Levesque Lunch Break (12:00-12:45)
Lunch Break (11:30-12:20) Lunch Break (11:45-12:30) 12:45-1:20 Junior 2
1 Revy Levesque
12:20-1:00 Junior 3 12:30-1:05 Junior 1 2 Jessica Baynes
1 Katerina Marceniuk 1 Talia MacAuley 3 Christina Cayabyab
2 Sloane Donnelly 2 Jade Wagner 4 Eva Amaya
3 Payton Halabura 3 Jadyn Reaume 5 Emily Peffer
4 Sadie Bergerman 4 Lily Shenher 6 Avery Mackintosh
5 Lola Kihn 5 Riley Fox
1:20-1:55 Junior 2
1:00-1:45 Pre-Inter 1 1:05-1:40 Junior 1 1 Aspen Schuler
1 Hutton Leier 1 Sienna Taylor 2 Ally Pawlovich
2 Olivia Rystrom 2 Ciel Jackson 3 Emma Vanderzwan
3 Annalise Reinhart 3 Abbigail Fendelet 4 Kate Nelson
4 Grace Moellenbeck 4 Rose Richman 5 Jenna Schuler
5 Abby White 6 Alexa Wolfe
1:45-2:30 Pre-Inter 1
1 Chloe Stephenson 1:40-2:15 Junior 3 Assessment Only 1:55-2:30 Junior 2
2 Lisa Bell 1 Adara Carey 1 Kate Moellenbeck
3 Amelia Sepke 2 Nyaomi Wagner 2 Heather Ferguson
4 Davin Kuemper 3 Addison Eggum 3 Elizabeth Nilson
4 Annalise Winkel 4 Macyn Unger
5 Adison Halyk 5 Brooklynne Moore
6 Sofiya Dryga
2:30-3:05 Junior 2
1 Ayda Wagner
2 Hayley Reinhart
3 Greta Kapaj
4 Lila Mockford
5 Emma Davidson


JUST IN… FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY… A one of a kind BSOBAD apparel item for your dancer. This unique item will be all the talk this competition season, and we have them ready for you to purchase in the office!

Want to know more? Head to the office to check it out in person and for more details. A PERFECT Christmas Present!

BSOBAD Movie Night!

Saturday October 21st. 6pm-8:30pm. Downstairs Studio (Room 4)

BSOBAD Movie Night is Back!
Bring your blankets and pillows for “BSOBAD Movie Night” at the studio! Watch iconic “dance” movies with your fellow BSOBAD dancers and teachers, as we watch together movies that helped create and shape different dance styles!
Snacks will be provided. Wear your PJ’s or “comfies”. FREE for all BSOBAD Dancers!
No parents please. Teachers will be hosting the evening and supervising.

First Day of Classes!

The first day of classes for the 2017/2018 dance season is Tuesday September 5th! Check with the office if you are unsure of any of your class times. We can’t wait to get back into the studio with all of you!

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