March 10th Solo/Duo Critiques

March 10th solo/duo critiques at John G. Egnatoff School (morning) and Studio (tap and other afternoon and evening)

*We have been lucky enough to have secured Saturday, March 10th at John G. Egnatoff to do some extra rehearsing for solos and duos and have our Production class and some extra ballet classes (in lieu of pointe for some) at this venue.

  1. We will put the sign-up sheet for critiques outside the studio.  Pick your best  times knowing that we will modify it to accommodate as many as possible.  I will look at it, adjust it  and plan to  have the modified schedule by March 5th.
  1. You must come in and physically sign up for the critique on the door as Miss Sherri is away during the break and will not be able to add names via email.  Cost of the critique is $10/critique…if we can get you more time we will.
  1. There are well over 100 solos/duos to critique.  We want to be sure that duos and your first solo gets first priority.  (If we run out of time, we may ask students with more than one solo to try and come to an alternative time.)
  1. We will have different teachers doing the critiques and will reorganize the schedule once you have signed up to best accommodate everyone.
  1. Note:  When signing up, Remember March 10th in the morning many baton athletes that are soloists will be unavailable for critiques as they will be at baton. Twirlers: Plan accordingly.
  1. Miss Zoe and Miss Cara will do all tap critiques at the studio, however be sure not to sign up during the  John G Egnatoff proposed ballet/production lessons time that you are expected to be at.  If it works out better for you to do all your critiques at the studio, know that Miss Cara and Miss Zoe can do other critiques other than tap!
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